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Important tax information for UK bloggers

It can be so exciting when you start making money from your blog! Whether it’s cash for sponsored posts, selling advertising space or payment...
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Ageism in copywriting… and why you need an older copywriter

Recently, I was chatting to fellow copywriter Kevin Mills (@bravenewmalden) about finding new business. The London agencies are Kevin’s main source, but increasingly his age counts...


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My perfectionism is ruining everything

I am a perfectionist. One locked in a constant struggle to overcome the habit. For I see my pursuit of perfection as nothing short...
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Is it just me wishing my husband was dead?

This morning I burst into tears. I have a history of depression, I have managed to cope with major life changes without resorting to...



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When you get a call from your boyfriend’s counsellor

This week has been overwhelming. As I write, I am home alone enjoying a moments peace to reflect on… well, to reflect on everything. I have...


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Pucker up, you post-40 bloggers!

Post-40 Bloggers re-launches Instagram account - with a difference What does a post-40 blogger look like and where do they blog or write? Well, pucker...
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What does retirement look like for the LGBT community?

  Baby boomers are approaching retirement age. This is a generation that has already seen massive social upheaval and gains in equal rights. They will...
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Cancer – the roller coaster that may not kill you

I’ve heard someone describe a cancer diagnosis as like being on a roller coaster. Some days you are up, some days you are down,...
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On the age of reverse parenting

There’s a natural law in our world. We parent our children. We die before our children. Just a generation or two back our parents...