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Why editing is more important than the writing

I’ve been a writer and an editor for most of my life. Of the two, editing is easier – looking at a piece of writing and...
P40B - mobile and social media notifications

Social media voyeurism and connections

What did we do before social media? Well I know what we did, of course and what we didn’t do. We didn’t know our...


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How are you? No, really, how are you?

The Post-40 Bloggers' writing prompt this week asked a simple question - "How are you?" The question was stunningly answered by blogger Hilary Farrow. Ed Whenever you...
Post40Bloggers - middle aged couple, second wife

Relationships – what every second wife needs to hear

The most romantic statement Gabe ever made to me didn’t happen on our wedding day. He didn’t declare it at the base of the Eiffel tower,...



Post40Bloggers - worried woman on phone

When you get a call from your boyfriend’s counsellor

This week has been overwhelming. As I write, I am home alone enjoying a moments peace to reflect on… well, to reflect on everything. I have...


Post40Bloggers - white haired woman applying anti-ageing cream

The pressure to resist being our age

It doesn’t matter how much imagination or empathy you’ve got, sometimes it’s hard to know what something feels like ‘til you’re doing it. What I’m...
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Status update: I’m not bikini ready

Today I made my annual swimsuit pilgrimage to the local TJ Maxx, to throw myself upon the dressing room altar in appeasement of the...
Post40Bloggers - Image credit Anikka Burton

Do you know which gifts are unsuitable for people undergoing chemo?

Anikka Burton was just 17 when her mother died from breast cancer. Devastated by her loss, she became increasingly worried that she was at risk too....
Post40Bloggers - frustrated woman

Breaking through those limiting beliefs

The breakthrough session was about the ways in which we limit ourselves and thereby limit our lives. We are so sure of what we...