Post40Bloggers - man with writers block

Why editing is more important than the writing

I’ve been a writer and an editor for most of my life. Of the two, editing is easier – looking at a piece of writing and...
P40B - mobile and social media notifications

Social media voyeurism and connections

What did we do before social media? Well I know what we did, of course and what we didn’t do. We didn’t know our...


Post40Bloggers - wedding day photograph

On marriage and the midlife crisis

Last week it was my husband’s and my wedding anniversary. We celebrated with hugs and kind words and time spent pottering about with our...
Post40Bloggers - man and woman drinking wine

How are you? No, really, how are you?

The Post-40 Bloggers' writing prompt this week asked a simple question - "How are you?" The question was stunningly answered by blogger Hilary Farrow. Ed Whenever you...




Post40Bloggers - woman rock climbing

I’m not flagging yet: why I’m learning to rock climb at 44

Death isn’t whispering in my ear yet. She’s just handed me the pen for my bucket list, and when Death hands you the pen,...
Post40Bloggers - ballerina wearing red tutu

Being 46 and learning to dance

I took a ballet class for the first time in 35 years. Why did I wait so long? Believing I couldn’t dance The last time I...
Post40Bloggers - man using condom

No, I don’t want a cosmetics voucher, JUST GIVE ME MY CONDOMS!

As unsigned posts go, this is one of the funniest. Several lines leapt off the page and made me spill my coffee... but I...
Post40Bloggers - - Borough market MCF

Running in heels

There is little to add to Lara’s terrifying lucidity in her post about the London incident at Borough Market. My own grown children are...