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Important tax information for UK bloggers

It can be so exciting when you start making money from your blog! Whether it’s cash for sponsored posts, selling advertising space or payment...
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Ageism in copywriting… and why you need an older copywriter

Recently, I was chatting to fellow copywriter Kevin Mills (@bravenewmalden) about finding new business. The London agencies are Kevin’s main source, but increasingly his age counts...


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Relationships – what every second wife needs to hear

The most romantic statement Gabe ever made to me didn’t happen on our wedding day. He didn’t declare it at the base of the Eiffel tower,...
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Is it just me wishing my husband was dead?

This morning I burst into tears. I have a history of depression, I have managed to cope with major life changes without resorting to...



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When you get a call from your boyfriend’s counsellor

This week has been overwhelming. As I write, I am home alone enjoying a moments peace to reflect on… well, to reflect on everything. I have...


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Then I hit my fifties

When I was in my early twenties, I spent the majority of my nights club hopping and dancing to Madonna until 4:00 a.m. I...
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Pucker up, you post-40 bloggers!

Post-40 Bloggers re-launches Instagram account - with a difference What does a post-40 blogger look like and where do they blog or write? Well, pucker...
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Do you know which gifts are unsuitable for people undergoing chemo?

Anikka Burton was just 17 when her mother died from breast cancer. Devastated by her loss, she became increasingly worried that she was at risk too....
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Breaking through those limiting beliefs

The breakthrough session was about the ways in which we limit ourselves and thereby limit our lives. We are so sure of what we...