Post-40 Bloggers - older man coding

Learning to code after 40

It was fishkeeping, of all things, that lured Ken Hart, then age 43, to the world of web design. After years of caring for...
Post-40 Bloggers - Pokemon GO and pink flowers

A positive poke at Pokémon GO

I became aware of Pokémon GO when a blogger I follow on Facebook cussed out those whining and moaning about grown men and women...


Post40Bloggers - woman shouting advice

On not doing advice

Our first feature of the year is from new member, Sara. This post stood out precisely because we are at the top of the...
Post40Bloggers - frustrated screaming woman

Holding a grudge

Christmas is on us next week and with it come friends and family in close captivity. And as well as the love and camaraderie...


Post40Bloggers - older woman thinking

Nooo…I don’t think I forgot to have children

I’m rarely asked why I chose not to have children. I’ll admit the idea of missing out on mum politics and a school run...


Post40Bloggers - Anonymous woman in boxing gloves

Why didn’t I stay and fight?

In response to our writing prompt No. 42 (‘Fight or Flight’), this is a heartfelt, unsigned post from a beleaguered teacher who turned her back...


Post40Bloggers - middle aged gay men with dog

What does retirement look like for the LGBT community?

  Baby boomers are approaching retirement age. This is a generation that has already seen massive social upheaval and gains in equal rights. They will...
Post-40 Bloggers - old female friends flat sharing

Pros and cons of flat sharing in your 40s, 50s, 60s…

This could be from living alone most of the time, but I'm not sure I'd be able to flat share now that I'm in...
Post40Bloggers - two doctors and pregnant woman

Eating placenta and what to expect if you try

I had my first child in 1995 and don’t remember placenta being on the hospital menu then. I do remember wanting to eat my...
Post40Bloggers - anxious woman

My anxiety is not attention seeking behaviour (honest)

This post is powerful in its honesty and vulnerability on the topic of anxiety. Even those of us who do not suffer from the...