Paris Mon Amour  is the debut novel by Isabel Costello, who is also the host of the Literary Sofa blog. It is a sensual, passionate novel set against a beautifully described Parisian backdrop. It’s the story of one woman, two men and what happens when there is simply no way out.

Alexandra is devastated to discover her husband is being unfaithful. She embarks on an affair of her own with a younger man, with far-reaching consequences.

Alexandra is a forty-something woman, living in Paris with her husband Philippe. When she discovers that he is having an affair, her world starts to fall apart. Reeling from the shock, she finds herself powerfully attracted to her husband’s best friend’s son – 23 year old Jean-Luc. They begin an affair, and although Alexandra tells herself that it is just a one-off, she can’t walk away as easily as she thinks.

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