Sound advice, based on the psychology of learning, to help all us mature students. I’ve certainly used all of these techniques effectively and there are probably more that you find helpful too. Why not share them with us on Twitter? Tim, Adult Education Editor

If there’s one thing that rocks about having reached a certain age, it’s knowing that there are things you will never again have to do. Like go, for example, through the desolate cloud of embarrassment and confusion that is called puberty. But you know what? Sometimes life likes to mess with you.

So sometimes, even though you‘re well past the ideal age for school learning, you’ll find you still have to go off and learn some new tricks.

Last year I went through a whole Accelerated Digital Marketing Program  (which, tbh was actually pretty fascinating). And this year I’m cramming 14 different subjects to take a licensing exam (SNOOZEFEST).

So yeah – bit of a challenge for my aging and highly uninterested brain. Anyhoo, one must power on against all odds and all that, so luckily – since I used to be a teacher –  I do have some study tips to call upon.

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