Before I do anything, I read a book about it. Running, drawing, painting, blogging, if there’s a book on it, I read it first.

I admit that this might be a subconscious form of laziness and procrastination – reading about other people running marathons is instructive and inspirational and so much easier than getting off the couch and throwing on a pair of running shoes.

Same thing when it comes to writing. If I’m reading about writing a novel, I can almost convince myself that I am writing said novel. If I just finish this book on writing perfect paragraphs, then my paragraphs will be perfect the next time I sit down to write. (Which will be right after I finish this book on procrastination I’m currently reading.)

There are hundreds (thousands!) of books on how to write well, and of all the books on writing I’ve read there are five that stand out.

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