What has got the teachers storming into their teacups this time? Well they are now facing the future of working in an academy – like it or not. The issue of academies, according to this article, seems to divide the profession. My experience, however, has been an overwhelming fear that their freedoms and funds are at the whim of a corporate body or single head supported by a silenced leadership team. I hope, in the course of this on-going discussion, that more positive tales of working in an academy will come to the fore. Whilst I’m not holding my breath, I suspect the frontline teachers will continue with their stalwart efforts. Niki, Education Editor

George Osborne wants all schools in England to become academies by 2020 (or have official plans to do so by 2022).

But what will Osborne’s plans mean? We asked those already working in academies to share their views and experiences:

‘The academy was not looking after the needs of the students’

I cried when I heard about the plans to make all schools into academies. I always felt uncomfortable at the thought of working at an academy, but when I was struggling to find work, I took a job at one.

The school was eerily quiet at my interview but the lesson I taught was fun, and the students were great so I thought I’d give it a go. At first it seemed fine: I was bamboozled by the training and enthusiasm. However, it wasn’t long before the cracks appeared and it became clear very quickly that there was one way of doing things and it was that way or the highway.

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