This week’s writing prompt was chosen from the community of our extremely talented post-40 bloggers and writers. It is also a good fit for this week as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For an explanation of what that means when the Pilgrims and Native Americans met, see here (courtesy of This is a particularly good explanation for children as well.

Writing prompt No. 103 is inspired by Susanne who blogs at Hello Empty Nest and who tweeted:

Post40Bloggers - writing prompt No. 103 tweetLet’s widen it a little, though, since traditions exist with or without children or family. For instance, I always have a cocktail party the day before Christmas Eve. It has become a staple in the diary – and always a surprise when it comes around so quickly! It would be lovely if this tradition was carried on in my name.

Some people also lament the demise of the seasonal term ‘Happy Christmas,’ often substituted now for ‘Happy Holidays’ lest the former cause offence. Should that be a tradition we let die in the name of political correctness? Let us know what you think.

What traditions would you like to see carried on in a wider context – or you would like your children/family/friends to carry on? Writing prompt No. 103, then:

A tradition you would like to see carried on

Thank you, Susanne, and to everyone who sent in suggestions. We will credit you if we use them in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving!