I recently wrote a post about my tendency to be judgemental and how I may have finally been cured of that character trait via a humiliating experience (How losing my house keys may have cured my tendency to be judgemental). In that post, conclusions were jumped to about me in the light of what looked like quite convincing evidence – except things were not as they seemed.

In other circumstances, I have judged a situation I thought be to be crystal clear and defended people who should not have been defended – and did not stick up for others who were entirely innocent of whatever they had been accused of. Again, jumping to conclusions.

Then what about when people stick labels on our backs which then become folklore amongst friends and family for the rest of our lives?

For instance, I was given the label of ‘stubborn’ by a teacher who could not bear to be questioned, no matter how politely. This label was later used against me by another teacher. “Stop being so stubborn child and just write down the correct spellings from the blackboard.” (We could say “blackboard” then.)

Except one of the spellings on the board was incorrect! But because my reputation had gone before me, the teacher just assumed my hand up in the air meant I was stubbornly refusing to settle down in class! Teachers stick labels on students faster than most species I have found. Labels which end up in school reports for parents to then adopt, for siblings to tease you with and a reputation to fight for the rest of your natural.

Then there was the Christmas every hint had been dropped I was getting the music system my heart desired – until I opened the large box from husband Bronnie and pulled out a Dyson vacuum cleaner! #Really?

So whether against us, for us, or discovering situations were not as they first seemed, what experience do you have of things not being quite as they appeared? This week’s writing prompt then, “A twist in the tale.”

Have a great writing week.

My best,

PS: I’m guessing the featured image is a clever 3-D drawing, and not a man feeding crocodiles in his sitting room. But, hey, that’s just my take, you may see things entirely differently!