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Post-40 Bloggers – a community website showcasing the talents of bloggers and writers aged 40 and upward. The place where we create, curate, collate and commission (paid in bragging rights) the very best this blogging community has to offer. We also source material we think will be of interest or use to our audience, be it merely interesting or deliciously perverse.

Why Post-40 Bloggers? Because there is a liberation and sense of understanding isn’t there in talking with like minded people. A welcome shorthand where no explanation is needed. People who all stand on the same-ish ground, having their passion for blogging or writing as the common thread.

Some of us are now older parents continuing the conversation the other side of sleepless nights and projectile vomiting. And if children didn’t end up on your particular plan, the other side then of wild nights out until 5am and throwing up in the wardrobe. Possibly.

That said, we are an inclusive community of 40-plusers running the gamut of single, married, divorced, childless, parents, grandparents, empty nesters, white or blue collar, adult learners, retirees, all nationalities – and all shades in between.

Oh, and the other thing the people on this website will all have in common is their ability to produce a quality blog post. Here is where you sign up if you are 40+ and would like your blog included in those we read as a potential source for quality posts, featured posts and other future membership benefits.

At Post40Bloggers HQ, we don’t care how many followers you have or don’t have; what your ‘influence’ or Klout score is; how many brands you work with or if your Facebook page is, well, off the page. The only registration requirement is to be aged 40 or over, with a desire to have your blog or work perused for quality posts for potential inclusion on our growing community website. A content-rich website relevant to and championing the post-40 blogger or writer.

Don’t have a blog or website?

Register in your own right if you do not have a blog, but can produce quality content.

But you do know you don’t have to be 40 (or over) to socialise with or follow us don’t you? Of course you did.

Yay, Post-40 Bloggers! Wonder if we need a special handshake? Hmm…

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Do follow us on our social platforms (especially if you register to become a member) not just because we’re super-awesome, but because we also need a way to DM our contributors via Twitter, for instance.


Melinda Fargo
Editor-in-Chief, Post-40 Bloggers 

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