Anne Cater

Anne Cater
When I was a small child at primary school I ordered a book called 'Free Stuff for Kids', and that's when my obsession with receiving things through the post began. Now in my 40s, I still receive random items on a weekly basis. Books, hair dye, loaves of bread, stop-snoring devices are just a few of the delights I've opened recently. So, I thought I'd share my delights with everyone else. I work in the voluntary sector and live in Lincolnshire. I've been married to Martin since 1998 and we have two rascal cats, Costa and Nero.
Woman holding book
2015 was a fantastic reading year for me. I've read over 150 books, I've started more, I've given up on some, others I have adored, some I will remember for many many years. I've shouted about books, I've cried over books, I've been completely consumed by books. I've been to lots...
The Sense of an Elephant, Marco Missiroli
Pietro arrives in Milan with a battered suitcase full of memories, to take up a new job as concierge. Living in his palazzo are lost and eccentric souls: Poppi, a lawyer; Luciana and her son; and Luca, a doctor, whose wife Viola holds a secret that could destroy their marriage. Right...
Book review, How I Lost You, Jenny Blackhurst
The story in How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst sounds almost unbearable, but sometimes we need a story to stretch us and take us outside of our comfort zone. I think this story might be one to make us think. I secretly hope it has a happy ending,...