Annie Spratt

Annie Spratt
My blog has evolved over time from a parenting blog to lifestyle and outdoorsy / travel orientated blog for those with curious mind and daydreams of simple wanderlust. I am keen photographer and love nothing more than sharing my thoughts and experiences through pictures. I believe that in an age where the internet provides people with fast information that a visually appealing image can often spark more interest, imagination and therefore engagement than conventional written, word-heavy articles.
Apples, photo credit Annie Spratt
I spoke at a blogging conference in Winchester about developing your own photography style. By this I mean a style that people can relate to you, a theme if you like, to your photographs. Here are the notes I wrote for my session along with handy links at the bottom...
Child with moss - photo credit Annie Spratt
Annie, from the stunning Mammasaurus blog, has just turned 40 (yippee! Welcome, Annie!) and has written a post that is so relevant to this site on many levels. Slow Parenting is as touching as it is important, sharing how tough it is sometimes to strike the balance between living...