Fiona Maclean

Fiona Maclean
I’m a Londoner.  I was born in London, but my parents then went on something of a world tour so I have childhood memories of Malaysia, Germany, Libya and Saudi Arabia as well as much of the UK. An award winning freelance marketing consultant and writer, my work over the last two years has focused on building a writing career and establishing my credentials in the blogging community.
Gin cocktails
I drink gin and tonic and I generally like gin-based cocktails. And, although I understand that every gin differs because of the botanicals which are added to the spirit, I find the whole subject a bit confusing. Should I be ordering a small batch artisan gin to go into...
Plum-and-Spilt-Milk-Table-Settings, photo credit London Unattached
We love Fiona's blog over here at Post-40 Bloggers' HQ. Even if you never dined out at the places reviewed, or ate a dish from the blog, the evocative writing and images transports you into Fiona's world. You see, smell and taste as though you were there. This post is...
London at night
Visit London, whether to live, for a holiday or just for a day out and I can guarantee you’ll walk past places every day without noticing them. Places with a fascinating history, places that you should spend time exploring, places with a great view or just places where you can...