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Post-40 Bloggers - Professional older woman in work shift dress
In the scorching temperatures currently being experienced here in the UK, this evergreen article came to my attention just in time. Whilst most of us long for hot sunny days, it does play havoc with the professional wardrobe when that thermometer needle hits blazing heights. Go too far and we...
Social media symbols
Social media marketing has always been a peculiar animal. Since its early days, where platforms were finicky and critics insisted that social marketing was not a viable marketing strategy, we’re now witnesses to an era with rock-solid platforms, useful advertising options, and plenty of free opportunities to make our...
Smartphone and apps
Gone are the days when you threw up a few web pages, scattered your on-point keywords and be relatively certain Google might list you on page 10001 for whatever brand of snake oil is your main preoccupation. Yes, okay, you also had to boogie to whatever arbitrary new tune and...