James Williams

James Williams
Writer, Actor, Director - at the moment Blogger for the blog '4 Relative Strangers' based on our lives as a gay family formed through adoption. Have finally completed the book of the same name and am waiting to see what the future brings!
Post40Bloggers - frustrated male writer
Why is it when you think 'I'm going to get back to work on my blog - make sure that I write more regularly now,' then absolutely nothing happens in your week? We went back to school last week. Not much to report there. Papa wrote a reply to the...
Mother and son on the beach
One of the beauties of blogging is the way it can act as a window into the lives of people with different family set-ups from our own.  4 Relative Strangers is exactly that kind of blog. Written by one of the two mixed race gay fathers who've adopted two boys, this...