Jennifer Howze

Jennifer Howze
Jennifer is The Times's former Alpha Mummy blogger, journalist, blogger and co-founder of BritMums and BritMums Live. She has contributed to The Guardian, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Independent, Frommer's Budget Travel, and Travel+Leisure, among others.
Post-40 Bloggers - Old Fashioned Whiskey cocktail
My husband, Bronnie, was a New England American, and before moving to the country we lived in my native London for many years. A whiskey connoisseur, he taught me to like this previously avoided spirit and spoilt me forever for a good glass. The 'Old Fashioned' cocktail pictured is...
Post-40 Bloggers - military mother vs SAHM mother
Since Jen’s post, Andrea Leadsom has dramatically dropped out of the Tory party leadership contest. She had also apologised to Theresa May, her Tory leadership rival, for ill-thought out remarks on parenthood. The not so subtext was that being a mother gave Leadsom a more compelling stake in the country’s...
Saint Lucia, photo credit Saint Lucia News Online
As my family's home country, Saint Lucia  is very special to me (pronounced Saint lu-sha, not lu-si-a). I am therefore delighted that BritMums co-founder Jen and her family will be experiencing the island again soon and bringing that experience to all of  you. Bon voyage, Jen. Ed No one ever steps in...