Between my partner and I, we have 7 children. Without warning we lost our family's eldest girl, Elspeth, on August 15th 2014. Each month I post the smiles that are the proof and the reminder that we can carry on. I started blogging many, many years ago and was coerced into returning by my partner, who has had to put up with my ramblings for more 10 years now and felt it was time I should find a wider audience to put up with me.
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Snowflake Books marked Chinese New Year 2016 with a series of children's books retelling amazing Chinese fairy tales and legends, festivals, traditions and wisdoms. Written by Su Yen Hu and Lihui Wang, the books are in both Simplified Chinese and English with gorgeous illustrations. They are not only a great...
The Imaginary, A F Harrold
A children's book that caught the imagination of an adult? How intriguing. I enjoyed reading about this book and it reminded me of my own younger days, do we still imagine as much as we grow up? As our children grow and read by themselves (this book is suitable...