Kairen Varker

Kairen Varker
A single mum to my daughter, 17 and my son, 14. I divorced well over 10 years ago and about 8 years ago I met my now partner. Being a Single Mum is hard work to say the least. This is my corner of the big wide world where I waffle away about my life as a single mum to two teenagers, two cats, a veg patch and a passion for being creative. Life is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always unpredictable and never dull. I am passionate about it being ok to be a single mum, and now I have somewhere to rant and rave on the subject and hopefully make a difference.
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Whether you’re merely separating from a partner or ending a marriage, and whether your relationship was a short-term or long-term affair, the effect it is having on you is most likely devastating to some extent. I know, because I’ve been there too. No matter the reason, it’s always upsetting...
Mum working from home
There may be a time in your life when a career that you can pursue while at home is the most convenient option.
Older woman with younger man
Not unlike politics, religion or abortion, if you want a set of polarised and very vocal opinion on what is right...or wrong, age gap love is way up there. We need only peruse the Twitter stream #AgeGapLove for proof of this any time Channel 5 airs its programme called, funnily enough, Age Gap Love. Is...
Tattooed young woman
When I was a child, tattoos were not looked upon favourably. Along with ankle bracelets and red stockings, inking one's body was not considered a well-bred thing to do. Now, in a world where once illegal grafitti is 'Urban Art' and tattoos and piercings Body Art, sense and sensibilities have changed. In terms...