Marianne Weekes

Marianne Weekes
I’m Marianne or Mari, author of Mari’s World a UK family lifestyle blog which I have been writing now for over 5 years. I am mum to four children, two are adults with their own families and live in Italy and the youngest are twins born in 2008. We live in the south east of England close enough to London for dad to get to work but also close enough to get to the beach at the weekend. I’ve divided my blog into sections as the content gets bigger.
Porthcurno, Cornwall, photo credit Adam Gibbard
From the golden beaches of Cornwall to the craggy hills of Aberdeen, the rolling greens of Galway and all that’s in between – the UK and Ireland has so many choices for family friendly holidays to suit all budgets. Driving in the UK and Ireland The great thing about travelling in...
iPad and travel app
With the right tools and know-how, you can see more for less. Whether you’re a student on a budget, or simply want to do more than the traditional annual holiday, travelling on a budget has never been easier. Armed with just your phone, you can plan group trips, book flights and...
Clock and time passing
One of the reasons for starting Post-40 Bloggers was to continue the conversation the other side of not being 40 any more. Any dissatisfaction with blogging came not from falling out of love with the art form, but falling out of love with telling a story that no longer...