It has always been my goal to be honest about parenthood, and life in general – it is wonderful and joyous but can also be challenging. I simply try to find the love and humor in it all. Is it just me? I doubt it. While I love my day job, my dream would be to become a full time writer. Since that isn’t currently within the realm of possibility, I find pleasure in writing about my life in this blog. 
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I started my career as a classroom teacher. I loved working with young children but opportunities took me out of the classroom and put me into another realm of education. I loved this work, too. I loved it enough to spend close to 14 years doing it. When I first...
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I’ve heard someone describe a cancer diagnosis as like being on a roller coaster. Some days you are up, some days you are down, and some days you are stuck hanging upside down dangling at the mercy of a carny and his willingness to hit the release button. After we...