Nikki Garnett

Nikki Garnett
Hi, I’m Nikki Garnett, I’m 47 and for 9 years I was the editor of Selfridges' magazine. Now, I’m married with 3 sons, 2 cats and a dog called Gary and run a small creative agency with my husband. We live near the Lake District in the North West of England. I've created Midlife Chic because a little while ago, amidst all the chaos of family and working life, I was beginning to feel like I'd lost my groove. So this is for anyone else out there over 40 who is emerging from the baby years and trying to rediscover the woman they used to be.
Post40Bloggers - Black tie outfit - image credit Nikki Garnett
It’s the time of year when invitations start coming in. I’ll be covering party dressing and black tie for women over 40 in more detail in a few weeks’ time but I thought I’d show you what I chose to wear to a Black Tie event last Friday. I’d...
Fashion shopping
This is such a clever and useful post from Nikki (My Top 15 clothing purchases 2014). How often do we actually evaluate the things we have spent money coins on? If we did we might not have trundled home with yet another pair of perfect black courts only to...