Susan Sanderson

Susan Sanderson
Blogger (#UKBA14 finalist), knitter, wife, more -ers! Why Sue’s Trifles? Trifle has been one of my favourite desserts since childhood. A trifle has three layers. Jelly, custard and cream.The jelly layer may also contain sponge, sherry and sometimes fruit depending on the recipe. o tasting a trifle may produce a pleasant surprise. I hope that you, my readers, will have some pleasant surprises in my future posts.
Post40Bloggers - little girl eating popcorn in cinema
We liked Sue's treatment of our writing prompt No. 107 (First cinema experience). Her simple telling of walking out with her dad without, uncommonly, her mother or sister evokes time and place beautifully. Ed I have never forgotten my first visit to the cinema for two reasons. It was the...
Shy schoolgirl
When I was a child (before some post-40 bloggers were born), there was an attitude left over from earlier times that children should be heard and not seen and only speak when they were spoken to. For a quiet child it was easier to stare out of the window, lost...