“In the early hours of Friday a picture will develop of a divided nation. But will Britain still be part of Europe?” BBC News earlier in the week gave us pointers on how to interpret the outcome in ‘How the EU referendum result will emerge in the hours after polls close.’

Closer to home, there have been some excellent posts from Post-40 Bloggers’ members on today’s referendum. The words in the press, however, have often been less eloquent in its bias and scaremongering. A real taking of (civil) liberties if you will.

I particularly liked Tom Albright’s post (ABC Copywriting) – ‘The Danger of Simple Ideas’ – where complicated themes are stripped of their nuance and packaged into one agenda-ridden message. The UK/EU rampage was among some of the salient topics to catch Tom’s muse on flawed thinking.

And if you’re still unsure what it all means, you’re probably not alone. We likened this feeling of not understanding to a past playground where all the kids are laughing at a joke you (secretly) don’t get. You laugh along anyway hoping no-one will ask you to explain it. To explain the joke, and when in this case simple was good, we featured a BBC News article ‘Secretly unsure about the UK Referendum and what it all means?’ Keep it handy for if you come across that next kid who this late in the game is still hopelessly lost but laughing their heads off anyway.

One kid who did get it, was our illustrious Adult Education Editor, Tim Holyoake (Ten Pence Piece). In one of the very first posts we featured on the subject (‘Why voting to stay in the UK is the patriotic choice’), Tim articulates his wish to Remain without vitriol and snarl. Our news media should be so civil.

And, again, in trying to sort the chaff from the chaff, Fiona McLaughlin (Me, Mine and Other Bits) delivered another unspun consideration of the cons (and pros) of a #Brexit. This moved us to feature Fiona’s honest struggle – ‘No Irish, no blacks, no dogs – #Brexit – it might actually happen.’

Mark (Tales of Sonny & Luca) was another of our members with a bad taste in their mouth. In his post ‘A message to Remain,’ he makes a heartfelt plea to the Remain campaign. This coming from someone who feels they should be a natural supporter of the EU, but has been so turned off by their campaign style they’ve been pushed to a “Brexity mood.” Now there’s a turn-around.

And to finish off our features, long-form blogger extraordinaire Siobhan O’Reilly Calthrop (Everyone Else is Normal) explores why a simple in or out vote is tougher than it looks. Again, Siobhan ends her post – ‘In or out? Why this EU vote is so hard for a post-modern society’ – with a plea for civility. She urges that we “try and accept choice as something healthy for us all, even if it is difficult. And whatever we do, to respect other’s decision no matter what the outcome on Friday.”

All in favour, say aye.

Melinda | Post-40 Bloggers