‘What we did when mummy got cancer’ is a book about cancer written for children. I liked the bold simplicity of the pictures and the fact it’s written by someone that has been through it, so they know what they are talking about! A horrible thing to have to discuss with children, it’s nice to have something to help. Naomi, Books Editor

Less than 3 years ago, my oldest best friend was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer (she’s the one I referred to in my previous post The Colposcopy). Although it was caught early and a less aggressive form, she had the traumatic experience of having a mastectomy and a short course of radiotherapy. And yes, she has two young girls, aged four and six at the time, a husband who commutes from Suffolk to London each day and had just embarked on a new career as a teacher.  Tall call.

Thankfully, she is now fully recovered and living more than a full life, not only teaching 5 days a week but also doing a Masters in English Lit with the Open University.  In all of this, she has somehow – and I have no idea how – found the time to do a wonderful, wonderful thing: she’s written a children’s book explaining what happens when a parent gets cancer.

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