Purple and green flower photograph

Using colour in your photography

Let’s start by considering why you might want to deliberately use colour in photos. The main benefit of understanding colour and applying what you...
Black girl and camera

5 small changes to better photos

Do you keep meaning to learn how to use your camera, but never have time? Do you want to take better photos today? Don’t let lack...
Old fashioned camera

Help! which camera should I buy?

It doesn’t matter so much which camera you buy – spend your money on a good lens I assume you’ve saved some cash, you’re serious...
Marilyn Munroe

Sidebar profile photos and bios

What’s one of the first things people do when landing on a new blog? Most (including me) like to know (A) What is this blog...
Photographer and sunflower

8 photo composition tricks for beginners

My first 28-day Blog Photo Bootcamp is coming to an end, and by far the most popular video has been the very first one,...
Vegetables,herbs and spices for Italian food

How to photograph food

BBC Good Food recipe photographer Stuart Ovenden, shares his top tips for photographing food. Read the full post | BBC Good Food  
Camera exposure

Exposure for beginners

Why understand exposure? Unless you’re using a camera from the 1980’s or earlier, your camera will work out your exposure for you - and will...
Male photographer

17 photography tips for bloggers

Attract more readers, make your posts shareable and your blog beautiful. 1. Make your featured image eye catching Make your post stand out amongst the sea...
Mel Fargo and Naomi Campbell

#WakeUpCall, indeed

Celebrities have been taking to social media in their multitudes in the new Wake Up Call campaign to raise money and awareness for UNICEF....
Post-40 Bloggers - black woman in selfie

7 tips for taking a professional selfie

So you’re launching a new blog and don’t have it in the budget to pay a #professional photographer for high-quality photos just yet. Understood....
Sexy woman in bustier

Why I did my first boudoir shoot at 50

When I was married, I hung a framed triptych — tasteful, subtly erotic shots of water dripping down my torso — over our wrought-iron...
DSLR and iPhone

Spot the difference between DLSR and iPhone video footage

The case for buying a new camera if you already have a decent camera phone has been dead in the water for a while...