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This International Women’s Day, be BOLD!

For International Women's Day 2017, we're asking you to #BeBoldForChange. Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world -...
P40B - young black girl using laptop on internet

Your child and innocent internet searches

O2 Guru Raymond (left) and I talk about setting online parental controls during the Facebook Live session. This is one of the most important times...
Post40Bloggers - Lymphoma Cancer Awareness Week graphic

On the 5th most common cancer

September 12th 2016 marks the start of Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week. I’ve temporarily turned the border on my blog purple to show my support. Shame on...
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Spotlight on the perils of plastic

Following Marine Environment Consultant Atlanta Cook’s Facebook posts has really opened my mind to the perils of plastic. There was one picture in particular, much...
Coffee rust, image credit Mad Mum of 7

Banish coffee rust

I start each morning with a cup of coffee brought to me in bed by my lovely husband. I have been known to indulge in...
Syrian-Friendships, photo credit Tanya Barrow

Tanya Barrow and World Vision UK

In her post, 'Preparing to go away on another trip,' Tanya talks about her increasing anxiety about 'the most ridiculous things.' To parking the...
Maternity unit and pregnant woman

Maternity unit bereavement care

Cheshire MP Antoinette Sandbach addressing Parliament spoke with tears rolling down her face as she recounted the death of her 5 day old son...
Young people

Preventing youth homelessness

At least 80,000 young people will experience homelessness this year.
National Autistic Society

National Autistic Society

I’m feeling a bit *wahey* today but also a bit “Oh, what have I done?” I’ve set myself a challenge, yes, another one. The first...
Man sneezing with allergies

Allergy Awareness Week

When my daughter reached her teen years, she developed an allergy to pollen and dust...and I started to collect the most realistic looking silk,...
Women's pink and grey running shoes

A Mile In Her Shoes

Charity helping women affected by homelessness to find their feet through running.  Have you ever considered running as a hobby? Runners are many and varied, from...
Books and headphones

Listening Books

Listening Books is a UK charity providing a fantastic selection of high-quality audiobooks to some 38,000 people across the UK who find it difficult or...