The doll shown in the featured image is not mine. She is called ‘DW’ and is a character from the children’s show ‘Arthur’ my daughter loved when younger. I recently found this doll and sent it to my now grown-up 21-year old. She was ecstatic to have found her again.

This got me thinking about childhood toys I owned. There wouldn’t have been many as we were not an affluent family. Certainly, unlike my own children, there is no chest of forgotten toys to rummage through.

The memory I do recall, though, is one Christmas when I was about 8, perhaps. I found hidden in my parents’ wardrobe a doll which was an approximation of the popular ‘Tiny Tears’ doll. She may not have been Tiny Tears, but she was beautiful to me. I played with that doll and combed her blonde hair bald over time.

So, if I say ‘childhood toys’ what immediately comes to your mind? You may even have some treasures hidden away you can photograph for us. (Although my late husband’s toy from when he was aged one day old did become prettyyyy scary looking over the years.)

As always, then, this week’s writing prompt is yours to take in any direction you wish and is entitled ‘Childhood Toys.’

Enjoy your writing week.