Whether you’re merely separating from a partner or ending a marriage, and whether your relationship was a short-term or long-term affair, the effect it is having on you is most likely devastating to some extent. I know, because I’ve been there too. No matter the reason, it’s always upsetting when love doesn’t work out. Yet, there’s somebody else you need to think about in all of this if you’re a parent too. As a single mother, there’s most likely only going to be one person on your mind after all of this: your child.

Of course it’s important that your feelings are recognised by family and friends during this difficult time, no matter how important your partner was to you or how long you think it’ll take to move on from them, but it’s also important that you stay strong for your child.

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Kairen Varker
A single mum to my daughter, 17 and my son, 14. I divorced well over 10 years ago and about 8 years ago I met my now partner. Being a Single Mum is hard work to say the least. This is my corner of the big wide world where I waffle away about my life as a single mum to two teenagers, two cats, a veg patch and a passion for being creative. Life is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always unpredictable and never dull. I am passionate about it being ok to be a single mum, and now I have somewhere to rant and rave on the subject and hopefully make a difference.