With the much lauded shortage of teachers in our country I am bemused why I meet so many teachers of my 20-years experience who are being shoved out of the profession and finding it increasingly difficult to get short-listed for interview. Yet the media is alive with the complaints of too many supply teachers in the classroom. Someone needs to the do the Math right – notice my segue there with the American vernacular. This open letter highlights the plight of the experienced teacher beating down doors that we seem to have lost the passkey for. Niki, Education Editor

Thank you for taking the time to write me and tell me that the competition for this teaching job, a job, which, like the previous twenty for which I have applied, I could do with my eyes closed and my feet chained together, was so fierce that I just didn’t make the cut. I appreciate that you are sensitive enough to want to let me know that I am unqualified to join your ranks, and I know you mean well.

Still, I would prefer if you would refrain from the obligatory condescension of telling me I am amazing. I know I am amazing, and I also know that, while you may be attempting to compliment me by saying so, you don’t believe that I am anything more than ridiculous.  You want the young, the brilliant, the beautiful kids with whom I cannot – because people like you won’t let me – compete with to work in your school.

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