In terms of a sense of wellbeing on a special holiday or named day, Valentine’s Day ironically has as much power to divide as it does bringing people together. There is either the pressure to be loved up to the eyeballs (pressure much?) or to be single and miserable on this day. As though the single state is one of such loathing how could one be anything but miserable on this Hallmark-fabricated day? And that’s another crime this day is accused of – that of commercial fabrication. Cue singleton Christy in Defence m’lud. Ed

This is the second year in a row that I will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. Well, I’ll be playing in a tennis tournament, but I probably won’t be getting any chocolates or flowers. And if I do, that actually might be a little creepy.

Still, unlike many single people, I do not hate Valentine’s Day. I sat home alone last year and knitted and watched the Olympics, and that was fine. It wasn’t any worse than being alone on any other holiday.

To defend my pro-Valentine’s Day position, I thought I’d provide rebuttals to the most common anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments.

All holidays are made up

The most common objection to Valentine’s Day I hear is that it is a conspiracy in which Hallmark, FTD, and Russell Stover Candies all got together and made up this day to sell more products. But the thing is, all holidays are made up.

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