In the year 2000 I took my life savings to a tiny camera shop under the arches at London Bridge station and bought the first digital SLR that Canon produced – the D30. I was a lawyer at the time, and had to run out at lunchtime on the day when they called me to say it had arrived. We didn’t take lunch breaks in those days, but I had been waiting for this (the first digital camera with interchangeable lenses) for over a year, so I would rather have been sacked than go another day without it.

But if you had canvassed opinion amongst photographers on that same day you would have learnt that digital SLRs were the work of the devil. Real photographers shoot film. Shooting digital is cheating.

In fact it would take photographers another 10 years to finally accept that it’s not the camera that makes you a photographer, and that shooting digital won’t cause the apocalypse.

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