When is a rant not a rant? When you read someone’s pointed point of view and you’re interested to read to the end – whether you agree or not – without that uncomfortable feeling some unqualified rants can evoke. This eloquent post from Laura is one that stood out in a sea of opinion by the chattering classes on the subject of Donald Trump. The notion that someone can be a despicable human being and not actually have a mental illness is a simple but powerful premise – and one we should perhaps bear in mind more often, if only, as Laura says, out of respect to those who do suffer from a mental illness. Ed

I’ve been tempted to write about various Big Issue type stuff for a while, but the news inevitably moved on while I was still distracted by what I laughingly call real life. Nothing much has changed, to be honest, but it’s simply got to the point where I’m fed up with reading article after article without putting my own thoughts down.

So firstly Donald Trump. Well, where does one start? Although the word ‘start’ seems horrendously out of place given that this a man about whom so much has been written already. I’ve read articles questioning his intelligence, his business acumen, his morals and his mental health.

However, what’s got me reaching for the keyboard is the increasing frequency of articles linking Donald Trump to mental illness; not only those spouting the view that he must be mentally ill and therefore unfit for office, but also those saying hey, don’t bring mental health into this, it’s not helpful.

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