I had my first child in 1995 and don’t remember placenta being on the hospital menu then. I do remember wanting to eat my young after the traumatic experience I had been through, but placenta? Not sure. Studies are still ongoing as to the potential benefits (or not) of eating the placenta, and this article is one of many trying to throw some light on the subject. Ed

One of the ways that women eat their placenta is dried, powdered, and sealed into capsules. Swallowing a pill with the dried placenta might be easier if you’re squeamish about seeing, touching, or tasting the “raw” tissue itself. Often a midwife can prepare the pills for you. But one of the things we don’t know is whether heating it offsets any of its benefits.

Since there’s little research on eating the afterbirth, it’s hard to know how you will feel. Most women who want or expect to feel good or better after eating placenta do feel that way. But that may be just a placebo effect.

Some women have said they feel sick after eating it. If you research online or talk to women who have tried it, you can get varied opinions. But those are based on personal experience, not scientific evidence.

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