This week’s writing prompt is about tricky or difficult situations. How do you deal with them? Are you a rip off the plaster get on with it sort of guy/gal, or a hide under the covers type until the problem is ‘somehow’ sorted?

Certainly in recent times, many parents are having the difficult task of explaining the violence and vitriol emanating from our country’s Brexit vote and the USA’s new President-Elect.

Or maybe you know it’s time to call time on a relationship that is unfulfilling, but you limp on unhappily for another day?

It could be that job you bitch about day in day out? When exactly are you going to sit your boss down and explain the unfairness of being paid less but doing the lion’s share of the work in the team?

Perhaps you need to stop helping out a friend or family member financially who now use you as a buffer between their personal finances and just budgeting like everyone else has to.

It could be you’re worried about a friend’s drinking, which seems to have gone beyond the social enjoyment of the thing.

That lump you’re sure is nothing?

And Uncle Freddo is just an affectionate chap who loves children. Of course it’s okay for him to kiss your child on the lips. Isn’t it?

Some examples of tricky situations amongst the myriad of problems life can throw at us. How do you deal with them? Take a deep breath and dive in or run for the hills like the chap in our featured image? This week’s writing prompt, then:

‘Handling difficult situations.’

Have a good writing week.