It’s that time of year again. One hour after the envelopes flopped onto the doormat the phone rang. It was Mish from down the road whose DELIGHTFUL daughter Persephone plays with my son Oscar when there’s absolutely NO ONE else around. They’ve both sat the 11+ Exam for a highly selective private school in our town. We weren’t very hopeful but heard on the grapevine they offer the odd bursary to very poor people who own only one house.

Anyway as I was saying, the phone rings and I knew it was Mish from the first whoop:

“We’ve just opened the letter! Sephie’s got an ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP to the school!! ANNNDDD a SPORTING SCHOLARSHIP to her second choice. I just wanted to share that with you – isn’t it WONDERFUL!! She was the only girl who won an award in her WHOLE year. Several of her friends never even got a place!  I KNOW you’ll be happy for her.”

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Jo Sandelson
My cartoon blog, Heir Raising, takes a wry look at bringing up children. I created the first ever daily topical strip cartoon to appear in The Times called ‘On The Record’ many years ago. Then I co-founded an animation company called Cutting Lines in 1994. Out of this came a weekly arts cartoon strip commissioned by theObserver. The Financial Times and The Listener have also published my Editorial work. As well as working for publications, I have drawn for Advertising and PR companies and for global corporations.