Bronnie and I would have been married 18 years today and, since we got married on his birthday, Bronnie would also have been aged 58.

And what I am remembering today this 11th June 2015 is how much Bronnie and I loved to laugh together.

As a couple, we were not particularly more loved up than any other, but we did like each other’s company for it’s own sake and could spend days and weeks together a deux without killing each other. This was perhaps the antidote to being quite a social pairing.

We also knew each other very well.

This holy trilogy of laughter, knowledge and social often led to some confessional-worthy and hilarious moments together.

One favourite anecdote is the one Bronnie and I afterwards coined ‘The Dinner Party,’ and involves Bronnie knowing my distaste for social snobbery. It was also the occasion on which one of Bronnie’s favourite nicknames for me was born.

At the dinner party, a fellow invitee, Henry (let’s call him Henry), was nearing his lap of the table, quickly casting aside those not deemed good enough to stand on his podium with the other gold medal winners. Interestingly, his sifting criteria wasn’t the usual ‘Where does everyone summer?’ but more subtly ‘How did you two meet?’

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