I’ve never been sure why the bikini is seen as a testament to youth and a one piece bathing suit (‘swimming costume’ to us Brits) as some sort of giving in to old age. (Witness front page news when TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, 55, danced in a bikini live on air… “with not a wobble in sight!” The question here to my mind is why a woman of x-age wearing a bikini is front-page news in this country and a flat stomach near worthy of a Nobel prize. But don’t let me start.

My 21-year-old daughter has a figure many would pay her for and, yes, she has worn bikinis to great effect. However, now coming into her own skin so to speak, she realises she actually suits a one-piece better. In fact, a peer was heard to say last year “Dear God, she’s turning all the heads on the beach and she’s wearing a one piece!” That didn’t make sense to me then as now, but perhaps what her peer was to learn when she came into her own is that wear anything with confidence, knowing who you are, is a style that cannot be bought – in either one or two pieces.

In her delightfully amusing and informative post, Gail takes us through her own potential journey from bikini to one-piece and the choices to be made along the way. Ed

My friends are making the change from two piece bathing suit to one-piece this Summer, and, while I can see the benefits of doing so, I’m not sure I’m ready. (Though others by the pool might think I am!)

It might sound silly, but for me, it would feel like a move towards more mature times, like shopping in BHS, and I’m not ready to give in. I expect there are plenty of you who disagree and I’m not that hard of face or opinionated to look at the alternatives. Am I making a mistake?  What are the options out there? I thought I’d take a look-see.

I still have the bikini that I wore on my first holiday, but I haven’t put it on in years. Designed by Kylie or for Kylie by H&M, it’s a metallic, no-bigger-than-a-piece-of- floss-style bikini with padded bra for extra oomph. It doesn’t cover much.

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