New member, Sarah, dropped into our inbox and we were immediately captivated with her very ? blog. In this featured post, she dissertates (is that a word?) on the evolvement of language for good ? or ill ?. Her plea is to “Let us reclaim words. Even the longs ones with lots of syllables that we’re not entirely sure how to spell.” What do you ?? (Okay, that was the last one.) Ed

I think I hate net speak.

Text emoticons. Reductionist acronyms. Lazy abbreviations.  Smiley faces. I want to kill them all.

Or should that be slash slash backslash them right up their colons?

I tried my first ‘FYI’ back at University, but I definitely didn’t inhale. But then people started turning to harder to decipher abbreviations. The TMI’s. The IMHO’s. Before long, the keyboard icons arrived. A :/ here. A ;-( there.

And then the vapid expressions of the smiling yellow face, once the iconic symbol of rave culture, now reduced to turning tricks because people can’t be bothered typing out actual words.

Venture into any parenting chat room nowadays and entire conversations are being conducted through them. Baby not sleeping through night? Confused face – crying face – tired face – pillow over face.

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