I know you. You are a husband, maybe my husband, and you have a wife that is somewhere between the ages of 40 and 90. You may not even know or remember exactly what that age is, but you know that she had a 40th birthday once, and she isn’t dead yet. You may have noticed that lately, things are changing. You may have even been stupid enough to ask once (and only once…) “W​hat the hell is wrong with you?”​ Or you may have accidently been watching afternoon TV, heard about menopause, and decided to Google it. You may have ended up here to get more information. Smart move.

The Rules

There are some rules about being a husband of a wife of a certain age. These rules have been around since women began living past child bearing age. Unlike the Ten Commandments, God did not alert man to the rules of menopause, this being the cruelest of jokes, and further proof that God may indeed be a woman. You know how this goes. “I won’t tell you what you are supposed to know, you should just know. If you loved me, you would know.”

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