This post is powerful in its honesty and vulnerability on the topic of anxiety. Even those of us who do not suffer from the ‘condition’ of anxiety, will be able to relate to those times we worried about people worrying about us. Or maybe we worried about what people may or may not be thinking/saying about us. But, there again, maybe the real worry is that everyone thinks the condition of anxiety is just an attention seeking ploy or… I could go on. Because there is always something to worry about, isn’t there? Donna takes us through one particularly bad night of overthinking the whole thing. Ed

When I try to speak up for myself, but the voice which comes out only sounds sad and pathetic.

Or, even worse, like I’m trying to cause a drama or make something “all about me” because I take everything personally.

And I’m told “grow some balls” or “get over it and move on – like a NORMAL person would”.

That’s when I feel isolated and voiceless. Like anything I say to try to explain sounds so ‘me, me, me’ and only proves the other person’s point.

Because anxiety does make everything all about me. It’s my fault. I’m worthless.

And I can’t get over it quickly. I need to take some time to reassure myself. I need to talk things through, after an argument or an incident, and learn to feel better about myself, so I know how to avoid anxiety taking me to the worst case scenario.

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