I don’t know why I put a question mark at the end of this title. I know the answer.

I recently took leave of my senses and was persuaded by my daughter, that it would be a good idea to get matching tattoos (she is over 18)! Now, me contemplating it is one thing, actually going through with it is another.

I have pondered the idea of having a tattoo over the years, usually coming to my senses and dismissing the idea. If I had one, I wanted it to be creative and have a meaning behind it and, quite frankly, I couldn’t come up with anything.

Fast forward a few months and I find myself lying on a bed in at tattoo parlour (a rather nice one) in Notting Hill. I still don’t know how I let myself be pressured into doing something like this. I’m always harping on about being your own person and not bowing to peer pressure.

As I mentioned, the idea of a tattoo was not new to me, so I did secretly like the idea. It came back to the design again. I’m just going to say it – I have a heart – on my wrist. God, that still makes me cringe when I say it out loud. Let’s just say, it wasn’t my best decision. I have two hearts. A big one with a little one intertwined – mother and daughter, because of course, I needed a tattoo to know I have a strong bond with her.

It doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. I also came out with a piercing (in my ear, may I clarify). I was seduced by the gorgeous jewellery on offer. Now this I love and of course is not anywhere near as radical (or permanent) as a tattoo. I’d class it as a much more acceptable mid-life crisis act. Apart from the fact that I still cannot lie on the right side of my head (nobody mentioned that), I would be up for more.

My sons are both suitably horrified, for which I am pleased about. I have told them I have done it as an example of what not to do. To teach them, don’t succumb to peer pressure – especially when it involves something irreversible!

As my tattoo looks a little less like I’ve taken a black biro to my wrist (I’m not joking), I am getting more used to it. Having said that, I am now the proud owner of a new watch… with a large strap!

Carrie Jackson | What I Love Today x