This articulate post rang so true it was impossible not to feature this month. Don’t get me wrong, I love change, innovation and technology, but I sometimes also long for the simpler days (it seemed) of blogging. Days when it was the material that mattered and not its reach across 40 different social media platforms. When bloggers really engaged about something written (on or offline), regardless of whether they loved or hated your world view. Bloggers got to know one another through these shared opinions and heated debates. We looked forward to meeting these same characters in the flesh at blogging and writing conventions. And, yes, at the risk of sounding old, times sure have changed. For solid writing and blogging, Nickie O’Hara was one of the cornerstones you looked to touch. Again, in this excellent muse, she reflects on the then and now of blogging – a muse which is also further explored to great effect in another post of hers entitled ‘A Naval Gazing Brain Dump.’ Take it away, Nickie. Ed

I have recently come to the conclusion that I miss old school blogging and old school bloggers – and here’s why. There’s also an explanation at the end.

Writing a blog post in 2002-2012 (3 steps)

  1. Write
  2. Publish
  3. Go and experience life so you have something to write about next time
  4. … whenever that may be

Writing a blog post in 2016 (40 steps)

  1. Make sure your RSS feed is working
  2. Have a lovely template so that your blog is nicely laid out
  3. … and mobile responsive for your potential readers that might view on a phone or a tablet
  4. … and your own domain name because any web address with .wordpress or .blogspot in it isn’t to be trusted
  5. Create IFTTT recipes ‘to make blog sharing easier’
  6. Think of an idea that is ‘on trend’
  7. Write the article
  8. Ensure you have everything spelled correctly and that your grammar is on point
  9. Consider the rules of Search Engine Optimisation
  10. Re-write the article

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