Coming from a family of seven, any expectation of quiet was pretty much null and void. Although it wasn’t something me and my siblings especially noticed because that’s what we grew up with, right? How about, though, when you grow up, marry, have children, lose your husband, and the children are fleeing the nest one noisy young person at a time? Well, then you get used to blissful silence on tap. Noisy interjections of friends and family is welcome, however, and not a problem. Okay, not a problem until they stay over and the next day you really get to know people by the volume they wake up at. Sam, as an ‘Aspie’ (his word) is particularly sensitive to noise – and he gets that – except his family may be the noisiest people he has ever come across. Enter his world now – but don’t forget to bring your ear muffs! Ed

I have three young children, who are all wonderful, let me hastily start by saying that. They are wonderful, wonderful little gits. I also have a wonderful wife, who is wonderful. Everything is wonderful. Except for one minor/major issue. They are all so goddamn NOISY.

Oh my DAYS they make SO much NOISE.

Non-stop noise.

Every waking minute of my home life is an auditory cacophony. A shocking, boisterous disharmony. So much so, I spend my life in a permanent wince. I exist solely as a never ending facial grimace. My stress shoulders are so close to my ears (trying to cover them I suspect) I appear all circus-freaky and neckless.

I have sound sensitivities of this you can be sure. It’s an Aspie thing. I have very good hearing and can hear noises that others appear not to hear – possibly because they are all such clash-bang-shouty noisy feckers.

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