Our first feature of the year is from new member, Sara. This post stood out precisely because we are at the top of the year where advice taking and giving is rampant. (Can advice be rampant? Hmmm.) I particularly liked the premise of observing and sharing experience not as a blueprint for our lives but potential clues as to what might be right for us individually. How are you on the whole advice taking or giving? As always, let us know on social. And my advice for the New Year is… nah, forget it. Ed

This is not about advice. I don’t do advice. I don’t give advice. And I really don’t like to receive advice. In all the years that I’ve known her, my mother never held a full time job and was a terrible cook. But that never stopped her from giving me advice. “Fix your hair” was certainly the most frequent recommendation. “Are you really wearing that,” is my personal favorite example of her preferred method of advice – embedded in an unanswerable question. And, my favorite, “Are you being nice to people?”

Better late than never but here are my responses to Mom: No. Yes. Generally.

To be honest, I will own up to the fact that I did buy advice books in the way back when I started my career and certainly when I first became a parent (but that deserves its own discussion). Yes, I have read every nutrition and diet book probably in existence.

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