You may or may not have caught the latest celebrity debacle where Azealia Banks was banned from Twitter for racist tweets against former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. No matter if it didn’t hit your radar since it followed the usual format of generating publicity for what may or may not be a real feud. You know the drill.

However, whilst not in any way defending hateful comment towards anyone, it did make me wonder about Twitter and social media’s arbitration line. You couldn’t swing the proverbial cat on some social mediums without hitting a slew of non-celebrity people trolling hateful language around, yet they are not banned. Could it be there is no publicity mileage in banning these haters, but banning high profile hate is good for business? Colour me a cynic.

And in all of this, we of course cannot help but run into that knotty question of free speech.

Our writing prompt this week, then, is to think about the role of free speech on social media. Or should that be free hate since some people on social media never seem to be asked to pay the price?

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Enjoy the writing week ahead.