When younger, I never wore red lipstick. It made me feel too ‘out there’, too noticeable. For a young woman who was desperate to fit in, I ironically spent a lot of time trying to be invisible. That changed. Now when I want to feel confident and, yes, ‘out there’ I wear my red lipstick loud and proud. I never had the notion of comparing it to a vagina, though. When Catherine did, she got a mixed response. Take it away, Catherine. Ed

A couple of weeks ago I received a magazine in the mail, and on the front cover was a lovely image of a model’s face. The only problem was she was wearing a bright red lipstick. Now I love the true colour of red, I should, I’m a redhead, but when it comes to red lipstick, I absolutely abhor it. Generally I do not like lipstick, I don’t enjoy the feel of it, or the fact lipstick never, ever says on, and the worst is the impression it tends to leave on glassware when you are having a drink!

So when I saw this model wearing red lipstick, it led to a conversation with my husband. His response about the lipstick was ‘it’s like you are wearing a vagina on your face, and something to the effect that he prefers a vagina to be down there’.

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Catherine Burden
A mother of three young adults and a wife, currently residing in southern Ontario, Canada. Catherine loves camping in the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park. Since she cannot be in the wilds of Algonquin full-time, she spends her time cooking, working in her vegetable garden and spending time with her beagle Cocoa and middle child’s dog Bear. She is no longer able to work because her “mind still works but my body hates me.” She is thankful for a very patient husband, and three beautiful kids who will do anything for her. Life goes on, it is just altered.