This is my response to the incredibly hard writing prompt we set recently. It has not been easy. I did think about taking a journal with all my memories diarised so in effect taking all my memories with me – not just the five we are limited to. However, the word ‘cheating’ kept reverberating around my brain. So, if you were shipped to an island and could only take five memories with you, which five would they be? Here’s my attempt at the question. Ed

I have sat down several times to tackle this writing prompt but, like many others, soon sit back from the screen realising, “Gosh, this is hard.” I started again this weekend by making a list of every notable moment in my life. These moments fill a large notebook, so Lord only knew how I was to pick only five. 

Because in choosing five memories to keep, we are of course necessarily choosing to throw many more away – and that I believe is the rub. Our memories inform the way we look at the world and interact with the people in our lives. With that gone who are we and what is our place in that world? A question which undoubtedly plagues those in and around dementia.

So, in actively choosing to not keep a special memory to take to this pretend island, are we saying that it didn’t matter after all? That if it did matter, why isn’t it one of the five packed in our suitcase?

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