People often used to say to me – when I worked full time in a middle management role with three children under 5 – “How do you do it?” I always responded “Well I have to. I can’t just leave them in the garden.” Never once did I feel smug. In fact I think I was doing that duck thing – serene on the top hiding all the manic paddling underneath. My days led me to start my blog and name it ‘Making it up as I go along.’  I certainly didn’t think I was doing everything right, I don’t think I ever will! So it’s comforting to hear Suzanne list some reasons why it’s okay to just do the best we can. Niki, Education Editor

I read a post by Kristen from We are THAT Family.  The words ‘I’m winging it’ popped out from the page and I felt a warm fuzziness towards her. I once thought that I had this parenting thing sussed. My children were polite, well dressed, sleeping through the night by four months and fully potty trained by three.

Goodness, one year all three children were awarded the 100% attendance badge at school! Anyone could see I was a good parent. Weren’t all these things the perfect indicators that I had this parenting malarkey under wraps?

The truth is, I was dangerously close to smug and we all know that’s not a good place to be. Just as soon as you sit back on your fat laurels, life throws a curve-ball that will knock you for six.

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