I don’t often use the term ‘Trigger warning’ in my blogging, and when I do the topics are usually ones that may get some readers heading to a self-harming or destructive behaviour. I was like that before I gave up smoking, when grisly TV adverts of black lung bile in petrie dishes were paraded to reinforce the smoking=bad message. What those adverts served to do was to stress me out and, when stressed, my antidote of choice was to… light a cigarette. Here, Rob discourses on triggers which lead people to start spewing their own form of bile at a blogger they disagree with, leading through to his own pet trigger. Great reading. Ed

OK, It seems that I officially have a ‘Trigger’

I think that’s the right word – I’ve been seeing the phrase ‘Trigger Warning’ used to label blogs and suchlike that have things like traumatic scenes or violence towards animals, children, women, the dispossessed, the poor, the huddled masses, immigrants – Any sort of ‘group’ really being portrayed as a victim for one reason or another that can cause feelings of anger or trauma in the reader.

Maybe it’s because of something you yourself went through, or someone close to you, or someone you’ve read about… even if it’s someone that doesn’t exist and you’ve made them up in your head just so you can hang your righteous indignation on them like the last coat hook at choir practice, doesn’t matter, they’re all valid: trigger.

Seems simple enough – You read something that gets your goat – you don’t like it – you sound off about it and feel much better. It doesn’t matter who you upset, you feel better and that’s all that matters.

Except, no, it’s actually not.

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