As usual I have reminded my kids that I would appreciate a card from each of them – a token of appreciation for the things I do. Sometimes I have received gifts and flowers and I’ve even been made breakfast in bed, but honestly a card, shop bought or homemade, will suffice – especially if accompanied by minimal sibling arguing throughout the day.

Last Mothering Sunday when no card from Edward was forthcoming and the day was nearing its close, I naturally assumed he had completely forgotten.

When I asked him if this was the case, he replied with mild annoyance, “No!, Mother’s Day hasn’t finished yet, has it!”

Fair enough!

At around 9.00pm I was presented with a home-made card which I think must have taken all of 3 minutes to make. On the front he’d written ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and underneath were a series of mathematical equations presented in a spiral.

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I am married to Nick and we are parents to four children. Leila, Edward, Seb and Ivy. We were aiming for three, but Seb and Ivy came as a two for one package. I am also a Speech and Language Therapist. My second child, Edward, was diagnosed with Autism, when he was 8 years old. Edward thinks differently. He has a brilliant mind. When it comes to raising Edward we have had to do some major tailoring of our parenting skills.  It’s been interesting, frustrating, rewarding, hard work and lots of fun at different times. Still is.