In my jewellery box there are 4 types of bling, each the stylish finish to my favourite looks.

My first trinket type is dubbed simply expensive due to its rarity and quality.

Next up, sentimental treasures. These can be expensive or less so because it’s the memories they represent that make them valuable. My mother’s class ring here and my wedding ring which belonged to my husband’s mother both tick this bling box.

The next category is what I call collectible and includes costume knickknacks that have become sought after as well as skillfully hand-made jewellery that’s nothing short of art. My small but beloved collection of Lea Stein brooches here typify this category.

Finally there’s high street ornaments (ideally found in charity shops), those that I reverentially refer to as junk jewels. These should be irreverent, striking and most importantly cheap.

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Photo credit: Anmarie Bowler