Yorkshire was the venue for all my holidays until I was nine. More than forty years down the line I have travelled all over the world but the siren call of the North Yorkshire coast remains strong. So it was that we packed our bags and my Mother into the car and headed for Robin Hoods Bay. Boggle Hole Youth Hostel nestles in a ravine tucked behind the bay. There is no space for parking or turning at bottom of the cliff so you park at the top and carry your bags down. We checked in only to discover that our room was in the Crow’s Nest which required a steep assent up the opposite side of the valley.

Deep in the mists of time, before I was born, my Mother and a chum ventured forth on a tour of the Rhine staying in Youth Hostels (rumour has it that she was a youth at the time). She therefore found that many things have changed since then.

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